Do you need help turning your devil dog into
man's best friend?

Do you want a...

         Perfect puppy?

                   Friendly fido?

                           Delightful dog?

From basic manners to advanced behavior changes, I can help!  With Friends Again Dog Training, you will see your dog exceed your expectations and be the companion you wanted all along.

Friends Again Dog Training is committed to training without force or intimidation.  The best part?  You don't need to risk your dog's trust and respect to get great results. 

Let's get started!

What do I get with Friends Again Dog Training?

-Quick progress that lasts
-An experienced and educated professional
-A personalized training plan
-Humane methods based on science

Areas serviced:
Seacoast of MA & NH including:









And many more!
Client Spotlight:

"When I first met with Jenny, it was almost impossible for me to walk my 4 yr old German Shepherd Dog, Greta, on a leash. She was very aggressive and protective when another dog approached, to the point where the owners would turn around and walk the other way when they saw us coming. With Jenny's expertise (and lots of practice), my relationship with my dog has deepened, and we we now take long, enjoyable, carefree walks. Greta has become the friendly, happy dog in the neighborhood--when other dogs bark at her, she just walks along, wondering what all the fuss is about! Friends Again K9 is aptly named...thank you, Jenny!"

-Jan and Greta